CiteAb Reproducibility with Andy Chalmers

November 22, 2016
In our latest podcast, we chat with Andy Chalmers about the challenges of research reproducibility and how his website, CiteAb, is striving to better document reagent use in publications.


BioLegend provides $100,000 in reagents to The Reproducibility Initiative
The Reproducibility of Published Research Blog

Keywords: antibodies, reproducibility, science, podcast, research, Andy Chalmers, BioLegend, journals, publications, validation, knockout, negative control



CRISPR TV, Neanderthal Immunology, and Smelling Pain

November 9, 2016
We discuss a CRISPR TV show, the genes and diseases inherited from Neanderthals, and how mice can be sensitized to pain by smell.


How snakes lost their legs
CRISPR TV drama by J-Lo
Autism in neurofibromatosis type 1 linked to a single gene
Mental health issues may originate from breeding with Neanderthals
HPV-16 transferred from Neanderthals
Pain can move from one mouse to another via smell
You smell and mice can tell

Keywords: TLR, Neanderthal, cross-breeding, crispr, jennifer lopez, smell, pain, autism, hpv, papillomavirus, snakes, sonic hedgehog, HOXD, BioLegend, podcast



Mouse Love Songs, Telomere Stress, and a Nobel Prize for Autophagy

October 18, 2016
Description: We discuss Dr. Ohsumi's Nobel prize, mouse love songs, stress effects on telomeres, and how genetics may explain your food preferences.


Yoshinori Ohsumi wins Nobel prize for autophagy work
Mice sing ultrasonic love songs
Genetics may explain fat/sugar preferences in food
Early childhood trauma can shorten telomeres in adults
Iron nanoparticles make immune cells attack cancer

Keywords: fatty foods, sugars, mice, love songs, telomere, stress, nobel prize, yoshinori osumi, genetics, podcast, BioLegend, science, autophagy, trauma, cancer, nanoparticles, iron


CRISPR and Zika Trials, Anthrax Revival, and Lazy Geniuses with Kenta Yamamoto

August 26, 2016
Description: In our latest podcast, we welcome guest Kenta Yamamoto and discuss the newest cancer trials utilizing CRISPR and nanobots, an Anthrax outbreak, and how being lazy might indicate you're actually smart.


CRISPR trials
Zika virus trials begin
Anthrax outbreak due to thawing in Siberia
Nanorobots used to treat tumor cells
Virus-infected plants become more appealing to bees
Car sickness due to body thinking it's poisoned?
You're not lazy… you have a high IQ

Keywords: CRISPR, tumor, cancer, clinical trials, nanobots, flagella, anthrax, reindeer, Siberia, lazy, virus, plants, bees, cucumber mosaic virus, car sickness, IQ

Monocytes, the Central Nervous System, and Multicolor Flow Cytometry with Thomas Ashhurst

June 30, 2016
Description: The podcast's newest guest is Thomas Ashhurst, a flow cytometry and viral infection expert from the University of Sydney. Listen in as we discuss monocytes, central nervous system infiltration, and unique flow cytometer setups!


Flaviviruses on Wikipedia
Inflammatory monocytes and the pathogenesis of viral encephalitis
Therapeutic Inflammatory Monocyte Modulation Using Immune-Modifying Microparticles
A History of Flow Cytometry

Keywords: Thomas Ashhurst, flavivirus, central nervous system, neuroscience, flow cytometry, biolegend, immunology, blood brain barrier, monocytes, stem cells, cell sorting

GMOs, Organic Food and Science Myths with Lauren Uhde, the Biology Babe

June 24, 2016
Description: In our latest podcast, we welcome guest Lauren Uhde, better known as the Biology Babe. She passionately discusses her CD8+ T cell studies in cancer radiotherapies, GMOs, organic foods, and other science myths she can’t wait to educate the public on.

The Biology Babe



Non-browning Artic Apples®
Academies of Science finds GMOs not harmful to human health
Herbal 'remedy' may trigger widespread kidney failure
Gerson therapy of fruits and coffee enemas
Belle Gibson: Australian blogger who faked cancer faces legal action
Diluted bleach mixture touted as 'miracle cure' despite Health Canada warnings, the fifth estate finds
Why organic doesn't mean pesticide-free
All scientific papers to be free by 2020 under EU proposals

Keywords: CD8 T cells, cancer, tumor, immunology, podcast, biolegend, biology babe, Lauren Uhde, GMOs, non-GMOs, organic, myths, artic apples, belle Gibson, Gerson therapy, radiotherapy

Sean Parker’s Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, A Flat Earth, and Zika Virus

April 18, 2016
Description: This podcast covers several new topics, including celebrities who are convinced the earth is flat, the growing threat that is Zika virus, and how HIV is eluding CRISPR treatments. We examine increasing cases of diabetes and how finding the "secret sauce" for beta cells might fight this trend. And, we talk about Sean Parker’s new $250 million grant to establish the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy.

Sean Parker sets up $250 million cancer immunotherapy collaboration
Celebrities think the earth is flat
Zika virus confirmed to be linked with microcephaly
Scientists find “secret sauce” for beta cells
Diabetes cases have quadrupled in the last 3 decades
HIV escapes CRISPR
13 people immune to genetic disease

Keywords: Zika virus, HIV, CRISPR, flat earth, tila tequila, B.o.B, Neil deGrasse Tyson, diabetes, beta cells, babies, microcephaly, Sean Parker, cancer, immunotherapy, insulin


Glycans, Sperm, and Evolution with Pascal Gagneux

March 18, 2016
Description: We're getting the band back together! Our latest podcast invites guest Pascal Gagneux to discuss his thoughts on glycans, evolution, and sex cells!

The Gagneux Lab
The Center for Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny
Neu5Gc, the Pro-inflammatory Human Xeno-Autoantigen

Keywords: glycans, glycobiology, podcast, Pascal Gagneux, sperm, evolution, biolegend, science, chimpanzees, non-human primates, Neanderthal, pathogen, Ajit Varki


Cancer Gene Therapy and Comics with Pedro Veliҫa

January 28, 2016
Description: Our guest, Pedro Veliҫa, discusses his work with cancer research, CAR therapies, and how he manages his popular Pedromics comics site!

Pedromics Comics Page

Maternal kisses are not effective in alleviating minor childhood injuries (boo-boos): a randomized, controlled and blinded study

CAR T cell therapy

Immune checkpoints

GoInVivo™ Antibodies

Keywords: immunology, comics, cancer, chimeric antigen receptor, T cells, gene therapy, hypoxia, immune checkpoints, goinvivo, tumors, podcast, pedromics, pedro velica


2015 in Review, Sun-Stealing Solar Panels, and Light Sabers

January 11, 2016
Description: This podcast looks at the year of 2015 in review, including popular topics like Ebola and CRISPR. We also talk about forgetful voles, one teacher's fear of solar panels, and how we might build a light saber.

Apocalypse Pig: The Last Antibiotic Begins to Fail
Ecology: A world without mosquitoes
Solar Farm Rejected Over Fears it Could Drain the Sun, Cause Cancer
How to Build a Real Lightsaber
Forgetful Male Voles More Likely to Wander From Mate
DNA Editing Shows Success in Mosquito Sterilization
Analysis Gives a Glimpse of the Extraordinary Language of Lying

Keywords: light saber, star wars, solar panel, sun, 2015, podcast, biolegend, immunology, publications, fake, science, grad school, phd, ebola, CRISPR, mosquitoes, voles, memory, antibiotics, colistin, V1aR