New Lung Platelets and Macrophages in Heartbeats and Regeneration

October 18, 2017
We discuss a new source of platelets, macrophages maintaining heartbeats, and the regenerative power of axolotls.


Anti-doping agency bans gene editing
Lungs major source of platelets
Macrophages help maintain a steady heartbeat
Macrophages may also be key to heart regeneration in axolotls
Axolotls are Masters of Regeneration
Tattoo nanoparticles make their way to lymph nodes

Keywords: axolotl, regeneration, macrophage, heartbeat, cardiomyocyte, tattoo, lymph node, platelets, lungs, CRISPR, nanoparticles

Art in Science

September 8, 2017
We welcome graphic designers and artists at BioLegend and get their perspective on how they meld art with science.


Amanda Kwieraga Society6
Amanda Kwieraga Webpage
Cell Life Imaging Competition
Colossal: Art, Design, and Visual Culture
The Department of Art as Applied to Medicine at Johns Hopkins
Print Ad Library
Wallpaper Art

Keywords: art, science, BioLegend, posters, graphics, podcast, graphic design, illustrations


Type 1 Diabetes, Star Wars Publications, and New Girl Scout Badges

August 4, 2017
We discuss an innovative tool for Type 1 Diabetes monitoring, a Star Wars publication, and new STEM badges for Girl Scouts.


This woman designed-and texts-her own pancreas
Novartis CAR-T cell therapy CTL019 approved by FDA to treat pediatric, young adults with B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
We are all mutants
CRISPR restores muscle function in mice
Predatory journals hit by 'Star Wars' sting
Girl Scouts add 23 STEM badges
Most of human genome nonfunctional

Keywords: Type 1 Diabetes, insulin pump, glucose monitor, genetics, environment, Dana Lewis, CAR T Cell Therapy, CTL019, Novartis, mutations, BRCA, CRISPR, Star Wars, journals, midichlorians, girl scouts, STEM


Protocol Reproducibility and with Lenny Teytelman

May 30, 2017
We return to the Talkin' Immunology Podcast with guest Lenny Teytelman to discuss his website,, and the challenges of protocol reproducibility, journal paywalls, and more.

BioLegend supports The Reproducibility Initiative
BioLegend protocols
Why I, a founder of PLOS, am forsaking open access
Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs publication

Keywords: Lenny Teytelman, protocols, reproducibility initiative, journals, paywalls, troubleshooting, reagents, antibodies,, PLOS, Michael Eisen


Cannibalistic Hamsters, Newly Named Species, and More Animal News!

February 22, 2017
This latest podcast covers interesting animal-related news, including cannibalistic hamsters and the nerdy names scientists have given to newly discovered species.


Corn turns wild hamsters into cannibals
Bathing chicken eggs in light makes for calmer chickens
Fistulated Cows
Malaria molecule makes blood alluring to mosquitos
New amoeba named after Gandalf
New crab named after Severus Snape and other nerdy animal names

Keywords: animals, corn, niacin, hamsters, chickens, malaria, mosquitos, HMBPP, Gandalf, amoeba, Severus Snape, pellagra, biolegend


Rat Tickling, Peanut Allergies, and the Mesentery

January 27, 2017
The Talkin' Immunology podcast makes its return for the new year! We discuss peanut allergies, the new Mesentery organ, and the joy of tickling rats!


Introducing peanuts to children at young age may prevent allergies later in life
Meet your new organ: the Mesentery
Keeping the science honest on TV shows
Lying may wire your brain to keep lying
Rats enjoy a good tickle
Teen worms are like human teens
Transmissible cancer and genetic variations in Tasmanian Devils

Keywords: peanuts, food allergies, podcast, BioLegend, immunology, oral tolerance, hygiene hypothesis, mesentery, lying, tickling, Tasmanian devil, cancer


CiteAb Reproducibility with Andy Chalmers

November 22, 2016
In our latest podcast, we chat with Andy Chalmers about the challenges of research reproducibility and how his website, CiteAb, is striving to better document reagent use in publications.


BioLegend provides $100,000 in reagents to The Reproducibility Initiative
The Reproducibility of Published Research Blog

Keywords: antibodies, reproducibility, science, podcast, research, Andy Chalmers, BioLegend, journals, publications, validation, knockout, negative control


CRISPR TV, Neanderthal Immunology, and Smelling Pain

November 9, 2016
We discuss a CRISPR TV show, the genes and diseases inherited from Neanderthals, and how mice can be sensitized to pain by smell.


How snakes lost their legs
CRISPR TV drama by J-Lo
Autism in neurofibromatosis type 1 linked to a single gene
Mental health issues may originate from breeding with Neanderthals
HPV-16 transferred from Neanderthals
Pain can move from one mouse to another via smell
You smell and mice can tell

Keywords: TLR, Neanderthal, cross-breeding, crispr, jennifer lopez, smell, pain, autism, hpv, papillomavirus, snakes, sonic hedgehog, HOXD, BioLegend, podcast


Mouse Love Songs, Telomere Stress, and a Nobel Prize for Autophagy

October 18, 2016
Description: We discuss Dr. Ohsumi's Nobel prize, mouse love songs, stress effects on telomeres, and how genetics may explain your food preferences.


Yoshinori Ohsumi wins Nobel prize for autophagy work
Mice sing ultrasonic love songs
Genetics may explain fat/sugar preferences in food
Early childhood trauma can shorten telomeres in adults
Iron nanoparticles make immune cells attack cancer

Keywords: fatty foods, sugars, mice, love songs, telomere, stress, nobel prize, yoshinori osumi, genetics, podcast, BioLegend, science, autophagy, trauma, cancer, nanoparticles, iron