Glycans, Sperm, and Evolution with Pascal Gagneux

March 18, 2016
Description: We're getting the band back together! Our latest podcast invites guest Pascal Gagneux to discuss his thoughts on glycans, evolution, and sex cells!

The Gagneux Lab
The Center for Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny
Neu5Gc, the Pro-inflammatory Human Xeno-Autoantigen

Keywords: glycans, glycobiology, podcast, Pascal Gagneux, sperm, evolution, biolegend, science, chimpanzees, non-human primates, Neanderthal, pathogen, Ajit Varki


Cancer Gene Therapy and Comics with Pedro Veliҫa

January 28, 2016
Description: Our guest, Pedro Veliҫa, discusses his work with cancer research, CAR therapies, and how he manages his popular Pedromics comics site!

Pedromics Comics Page

Maternal kisses are not effective in alleviating minor childhood injuries (boo-boos): a randomized, controlled and blinded study

CAR T cell therapy

Immune checkpoints

GoInVivo™ Antibodies

Keywords: immunology, comics, cancer, chimeric antigen receptor, T cells, gene therapy, hypoxia, immune checkpoints, goinvivo, tumors, podcast, pedromics, pedro velica


2015 in Review, Sun-Stealing Solar Panels, and Light Sabers

January 11, 2016
Description: This podcast looks at the year of 2015 in review, including popular topics like Ebola and CRISPR. We also talk about forgetful voles, one teacher's fear of solar panels, and how we might build a light saber.

Apocalypse Pig: The Last Antibiotic Begins to Fail
Ecology: A world without mosquitoes
Solar Farm Rejected Over Fears it Could Drain the Sun, Cause Cancer
How to Build a Real Lightsaber
Forgetful Male Voles More Likely to Wander From Mate
DNA Editing Shows Success in Mosquito Sterilization
Analysis Gives a Glimpse of the Extraordinary Language of Lying

Keywords: light saber, star wars, solar panel, sun, 2015, podcast, biolegend, immunology, publications, fake, science, grad school, phd, ebola, CRISPR, mosquitoes, voles, memory, antibiotics, colistin, V1aR


CRISPR Conference, 3D Printing, and Star Wars

January 5, 2016
Description: In this podcast we talk about the use of CRISPR to engineer humans. Is it ethical? Should we do it if it helps humans? We also discuss the use of 3D printers in the medical field, as well as the colonization of Mars. Are you a Star Wars fan? We have a fun conversation about the new Star Wars movie coming out this week. Click through to listen!

Another Obesity Drug Trial Death
Let's Talk Human Engineering
3D-Printed Body Parts Help Surgeons Separate Conjoined Twins
Combating Whooping Cough
Scientists Create 3D Printed Blood Vessels Using 'Bio-Ink'

Keywords: CRISPR, genes, gene editing, humans, bioethics, Mars, colonization, 3D printers, surgery, conjoined twins, Star Wars, designer babies, science, podcast, photosynthesis


Blood Brain Barrier, Meningitis, and Sense of Humor

November 20, 2015
Description: In this episode, the podcast team gets together once again to talk about some newsworthy science stories! Here, we discuss how ultrasounds have helped us breach the blood-brain-barrier, and how subtle changes to the things someone finds funny may be an early sign of dementia. We also talk about how being lazy may be explained neurologically, "supernatural" killer cells, and lab kits, now on crowdfunding platforms, that let you do your own genome editing at home. Give it a listen!

Breaching the Blood-Brain-Barrier
A Dark Sense of Humor May Be a Sign of Dementia
Editing DNA in Your Own Home
A Cheap Vaccine Is Wiping Out Meningitis A in Africa
Engineering Super Natural Killer Cells
A Neurological Basis of Apathy
3D Printed Objects as Implants

Keywords: neuroscience, dementia, neurodegeneration, blood-brain-barrier, BBB, ultrasound, Parkinson's disease, DNA, CRISPR, lab kit, crowdfunding, Meningitis, Africa, vaccines, Super Natural Killer Cells, NK Cells, apathy, laziness, 3D printing, dental implants


Smelling Parkinson’s, Special Antibodies in HIV and Cancer, and a Cloud of Microbes

November 9, 2015
Description: In this episode, we discuss some a variety of current scientific news, including the discovery of woman who can smell Parkinson's disease, a correlation between bovine leukemia virus and breast cancer, using an individual's microbial cloud to identify them, and how we're using specialized antibodies to combat both HIV and cancer.

Woman in able to smell Parkinson's disease
Unique microbe clouds surround individuals
Missing gut bacteria associated with higher asthma risk
Reprogramming leukemia cells to kill each other
BLV proteins associated with breast cancer
Activating and killing latent HIV in infected cells
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Keywords: neuroscience, neurodegeneration, Parkinson's disease, microbes, microbial, gut microbiome, bacteria, asthma, allergy, leukemia, cancer, AML, antibody, virus, cow, bovine, breast cancer, HIV, AIDS


Nobel Prizes, CRISPR 2.0, and Lazy Ants

October 26, 2015
Description: In this podcast episode, also recorded in 360 video, the team discusses the contributions of the recent Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry and Physiology/Medicine, a new CRISPR, and lazy slacker ants.

Nobel Prize winners
A new and improved CRISPR?
Majority of ant workers are slackers
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Keywords: Nobel Prize, YouYou Tu, Artemisinin, malaria, Thomas Lindahl, Paul Modrich, Aziz Sancar, DNA repair, base excision repair, nucleotide excision repair, cancer, mutations, CRISPR, Feng Zhang, Cas9, Cpf1, ants, colonies


Vitamin C, Theranos and Pain

October 12, 2015
Description: Team Podcast gets together in this episode to discuss recent findings about vitamin C and its usage in our society, a recently discovered gene variant that is associated with delayed early-onset Alzheimer's, how sugar is sugar (no matter how "natural" it is), and an amazing young entrepreneur, Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos.

Gene Variant Provides Delaying Mechanism in Alzheimer's Disease
Vitamin C Mimics Some Effects of Exercise
Honey, Sugar, and Corn Syrup Have Similar Metabolic Effects
Elizabeth Holmes, Founder of Theranos

Keywords: neuroscience, Alzheimer's disease, neurodegeneration, eotaxin, vitamin C, ascorbic acid, overweight, weight loss, metabolism, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, glucose, sucrose, sugar, honey, HFCS, corn syrup, high fructose, cholesterol, blood pressure, Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos, billionaire, entrepreneur, lab-on-a-chip


Global Health Science with Jessica Taaffe

September 23, 2015
Description: Special guest and global health scientist Jessica Taaffe joins us to discuss educating the public, funding research, and the passion needed in scientific role models.

Jessica Taaffe's Homepage
This Week in Global Health
Holding Out For a [Scientific] Hero
Follow Jessica and BioLegend on twitter: @jessicataaffe, @biolegend

Keywords: global health, Jessica Taaffe, HIV, ebola, education, Bill Nye, Neil degrasse Tyson, vaccines, anti-vaxxers, world bank, funding, research, NIH, primates, BioLegend, podcast


Salmonella and Plague Outbreaks

September 16, 2015
Description: In this episode, the podcast team discusses Salmonella and plague outbreaks, HIV transmission, and glow in the dark GMO chickens resistant to bird flu.

Salmonella Outbreak Spreading Across America Is Linked To Cucumbers
Plague Outbreak in Madagascar
Immune Cells Can Deliver Deadly Packages
Glowing in the dark, GMO chickens shed light on bird flu fight

Keywords: salmonella, plague, pneumonic plague, bubonic plague, yersinia pestis, HIV, AIDS, quarantine, exosomes, chickens, avian flu, bird flu