Talkin Immunology with BioLegend

2015 in Review, Sun-Stealing Solar Panels, and Light Sabers

January 11, 2016
Description: This podcast looks at the year of 2015 in review, including popular topics like Ebola and CRISPR. We also talk about forgetful voles, one teacher's fear of solar panels, and how we might build a light saber.

Apocalypse Pig: The Last Antibiotic Begins to Fail
Ecology: A world without mosquitoes
Solar Farm Rejected Over Fears it Could Drain the Sun, Cause Cancer
How to Build a Real Lightsaber
Forgetful Male Voles More Likely to Wander From Mate
DNA Editing Shows Success in Mosquito Sterilization
Analysis Gives a Glimpse of the Extraordinary Language of Lying

Keywords: light saber, star wars, solar panel, sun, 2015, podcast, biolegend, immunology, publications, fake, science, grad school, phd, ebola, CRISPR, mosquitoes, voles, memory, antibiotics, colistin, V1aR