Talkin Immunology with BioLegend

Rat Tickling, Peanut Allergies, and the Mesentery

January 27, 2017
The Talkin' Immunology podcast makes its return for the new year! We discuss peanut allergies, the new Mesentery organ, and the joy of tickling rats!


Introducing peanuts to children at young age may prevent allergies later in life
Meet your new organ: the Mesentery
Keeping the science honest on TV shows
Lying may wire your brain to keep lying
Rats enjoy a good tickle
Teen worms are like human teens
Transmissible cancer and genetic variations in Tasmanian Devils

Keywords: peanuts, food allergies, podcast, BioLegend, immunology, oral tolerance, hygiene hypothesis, mesentery, lying, tickling, Tasmanian devil, cancer


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