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CRISPR and Zika Trials, Anthrax Revival, and Lazy Geniuses with Kenta Yamamoto

August 26, 2016
Description: In our latest podcast, we welcome guest Kenta Yamamoto and discuss the newest cancer trials utilizing CRISPR and nanobots, an Anthrax outbreak, and how being lazy might indicate you're actually smart.


CRISPR trials
Zika virus trials begin
Anthrax outbreak due to thawing in Siberia
Nanorobots used to treat tumor cells
Virus-infected plants become more appealing to bees
Car sickness due to body thinking it's poisoned?
You're not lazy… you have a high IQ

Keywords: CRISPR, tumor, cancer, clinical trials, nanobots, flagella, anthrax, reindeer, Siberia, lazy, virus, plants, bees, cucumber mosaic virus, car sickness, IQ