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Kissing Disease Autoimmunity, Nipah Virus, and Premature Births

June 8, 2018
In our newest podcast, we talk about autoimmune diseases linked to the Kissing Disease, concerns over the emerging Nipah Virus, and how fetal immunity may be causing babies to be born early.


Epstein-Barr Virus and Autoimmunity (2:20-12:00)
Nipah Virus Outbreaks (12:01-20:35)
Bacteria Coats itself with IgA for Protection (23:23-32:23)
Out of Whack Fetal Immune Systems Prompt Preterm Labor (35:45-43:33)

Keywords: autoimmunity, kissing disease, mononucleosis, Nipah Virus, herpes, Epstein-barr virus, cancer, bats, reservoir, Bacteroides fragilis, IgA, gut, mucosa, bacteria, pregnancy, premature birth, fetal immunity, preterm


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