Talkin Immunology with BioLegend

Skull Microtunnels, Gut Bacteria, and Fantasy Scientist Drafts

September 20, 2018
Check out our new podcast to learn about fast-travel for cells in the skull, gut bacteria influence on the body, and whether we’re starting a fantasy scientist draft league!


Microtunnels in the Skull (2:11-10:04)
Russia Is Opening A "Jurassic Park-Style" Research Lab (10:05-19:45)
The Fantasy Scientist Draft (22:05-26:25)
Gut Bacteria, Bullying, Junk Food, and You! (26:26-42:20)
God of War Shout-out (46:52)
Successful Placebo Pills (47:48-52:20)

Keywords: Immunology, podcast, brain, skull, marrow, microtunnels, extinction, Jurassic park, dodo, wooly mammoth, dna, fantasy football, microbiota, gut bacteria, memory, bullying, junk food, diet, psychobiotics, elderberries, Placebo Effect, honest placebo, IBD, inflammatory bowel disease