Talkin Immunology with BioLegend

Blood Brain Barrier, Meningitis, and Sense of Humor

November 20, 2015
Description: In this episode, the podcast team gets together once again to talk about some newsworthy science stories! Here, we discuss how ultrasounds have helped us breach the blood-brain-barrier, and how subtle changes to the things someone finds funny may be an early sign of dementia. We also talk about how being lazy may be explained neurologically, "supernatural" killer cells, and lab kits, now on crowdfunding platforms, that let you do your own genome editing at home. Give it a listen!

Breaching the Blood-Brain-Barrier
A Dark Sense of Humor May Be a Sign of Dementia
Editing DNA in Your Own Home
A Cheap Vaccine Is Wiping Out Meningitis A in Africa
Engineering Super Natural Killer Cells
A Neurological Basis of Apathy
3D Printed Objects as Implants

Keywords: neuroscience, dementia, neurodegeneration, blood-brain-barrier, BBB, ultrasound, Parkinson's disease, DNA, CRISPR, lab kit, crowdfunding, Meningitis, Africa, vaccines, Super Natural Killer Cells, NK Cells, apathy, laziness, 3D printing, dental implants